What is the Launch Young Financial Launch Pad?

What is the Launch Young Financial Launch Pad?

This guest post was provided by the team at LaunchYoung - providing financial well-being education with the goal that every person can fully meet current and on-going financial obligations, feel more secure in their fiscal future, and make better choices that allow for the enjoyment of life.

Budgeting. Savings. Investing. These three principals are the pillars of financial health. Unfortunately, most high schools and colleges do not teach the basics in financial literacy, leaving millions of young professionals unprepared and susceptible to crippling financial mistakes. High-interest credit card debt, six-figure student loan debt, low credit scores, and bankruptcy await an unprepared and undereducated younger population.


LaunchYoung’s purpose is to end the “trial by fire” method of education by delivering a comprehensive and collaborative program to enable mastery of personal financial management. Launch Young’s three course program focusing on budgeting, savings, and investing provides the necessary tools to take control of one’s financial future. Our cohort-based learning program promotes an environment of acceptance within a community aimed for personal development.

Budgeting Basics:

It all starts with budgeting. After this course you will be able to:

  • Understand consequences of poor budgeting

  • Categorize expenses correctly

  • How to create and maintain an emergency fund

  • Create your own personal budget for your lifestyle now

Saving and Spending:

Building on the principals of learned in Budgeting Basics, our next course delves into inflows and outflows of cash. Cash flow management is critical for both building one’s assets while also servicing outstanding debts. The Savings and Spending course discusses the following:

  • Mastery of the 50-30-20 rule

  • Understand your net worth

  • Create your own savings goal

  • Understand various savings and investment tools

Intelligent Investing:

Investing is the final pillar required for ultimate financial freedom. When done correctly, investing is the primary method of wealth creation; however, when done foolishly, can be wealth destructive. Our cohorts will learn the following principals of investing:

  • The many terms involved in the investment world

  • The various tools and vehicles for investing

  • Your personal risk tolerance

  • Protection against investment fraud

Our collaborative cohort-based learning program allows you to maximize your learning potential in each course. Participants will also be provided with an experienced coach to guide discussion amongst the cohort to reinforce principles and facilitate meaningful application in each participant’s unique situation. Check out our website and follow us on LinkedIn to join our like-minded community. LaunchYoung posts blogs on financial tips, hosts webinars on tax strategies, and curates an environment purposed to better ourselves through financial wellness. Can’t wait to see you there!

Need further guidance or have questions about LaunchYoung’s Financial Wellness Program?

Check out our website for more information on how LaunchYoung can help you get started launching your first employee financial wellness program using our proprietary High-Impact Learning Platform that helps business leaders like you improve employees’ financial wellness.

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