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Twelve Reasons I Sleep Well at Night While Investing

When I was in my early 20’s I was adverse to the idea of putting money into retirement accounts. I knew on a basic level that my money was “safe” at my credit union and ...

Personal Finance

Is It Better to Be Hourly or Salary?

In terms of raw take home pay, hourly can be much better compared to a salaried job with long hours. Salaried people should know their equivalent hourly wage especially when working more than 40 hours ...

Personal Finance

  • January 26, 2018
  • by Emily

Can (And Should) You Retire Overseas?

Moving abroad after retirement is an attractive idea, but there are many things to consider. Perhaps you’re daunted by the amount you need to save for a comfortable retirement in the United States? Or maybe ...

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2017 Results for CPI, Stocks, Bonds - Calculators Updated

Our calculators have been updated with 2017 data for CPI, S&P 500, bond, and cash returns.


Understanding Net Worth

Net worth is a way of measuring your progress towards financial goals. It is calculated by adding up the net market value of your assets and subtracting all your debts. If you want to build ...

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