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Things to Look for When Shopping for a Home

Buying a home is an investment in more than the financial sense of the word. It takes a lot of work to find the perfect home! Here’s a detailed list of things you should be ...

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Financial Tales of a Digital Nomad

Many people would call my lifestyle that of a digital nomad because my main source of income comes from work on the computer and I travel regularly. Which means I've amassed a wealth of knowledge ...

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How Municipal Bonds Fit Into Your Investment Plan

Municipal bonds are like the opposite of a lottery ticket: safe, secure, unexciting. Also unlike a lottery ticket, municipal bonds likely have a place in your investment portfolio. Here are some basics on municipal bonds ...

Personal Finance

Retirement Savings Plans for the Self-Employed

For self employed individuals contributing to a retirement plan is like giving yourself an instant raise without charging your clients more. The IRS allows you to contribute a percentage of your income into a retirement ...

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What is Passive Index Investing?

Passive Index Investing is an investment approach characterized by four main features: 1) the index, 2) the index fund, 3) passive management as opposed to active management, and 4) low costs.

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