Property Walkthrough Checklist

Going house shopping? Use this printable sheet to record your impressions and stay organized. Capture key aspects of a home including condition, your impressions, and major warning signs.

For more ideas about home shopping and what to look for see our blog post Things to Look for When Shopping for Home.

Property Walkthrough Checklist Instructions:

1) For each property you are viewing bring a printout of the Property Walkthrough Checklist.

2) Fill out the property address and general details at the top.

3) As you are looking at the property note the following items as either Excellent, Okay, or Poor.

Living Area
Storage Space / Closets
Window Coverings
Overall Layout
Colors / Textures
Yard / Landscaping

You may need to look at Google Maps, Zillow, Redfin or other online service to determine the quality of the following items:

Nearby Schools
Nearby Shopping

4) Note which appliances are included (the seller’s agent will know this):

Clothes Washer
Clothes Dryer

5) Look for the following major problems / warning signs:

Odd Smell / Pet Odors
Mold / Mildew
Leaks in Roof
Cracks in Walls / Foundation
Floors Not Level
Signs of Infestation
Peeling Paint
Signs of Erosion
Severely Sloped Lot
Proximity to Flood Risk
Drainage / Standing Water
Bad Neighbors

6) Note the overall condition as either “Move in Ready”, “Needing Minor Touch Up”, or “Remodel Needed”.

7) Determine your next step - “Make an Offer”, “Keep on your List”, or “Never go back!”

8) Jot down any additional notes you have about your experience at the property.

If you really like the place and get an accepted offer make sure to schedule an impartial home inspection. None of your own observations should take the place of a professional home inspection!

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