Our mission is to help households organize their finances with ease and confidence.

We offer three tools to help you organize your finances:

We also promote financial literacy through blog posts, resources, and financial calculators.

We believe that managing finances should be easy, quick, and secure. At the same time, in the computerized age we live in, we feel it is important to keep a critical eye on the banks and brokerages who hold our money.

Our core values:

  • Learning - we are out to promote financial literacy in our society. As you probably noticed, there is a tremendous amount of 'sales material' related to investments and finance out there. In our view, almost all of it is designed to make someone else money and leave you with less of it. There is no 'free lunch' on Wall Street, but there are ways to avoid being someone else's lunch. Our goal is to help people understand the positive side of finance and recognize gimmicks, excessive fees, and hidden risk that are so common.
  • Ethics - we put our users first. We are not financial advisors, so we won't ever sell you an investment strategy, stock portfolio or any kind of get rich quick scheme. In addition, all our materials and tools are presented in an unbiased, raw truth kind of way.
  • Growth - when it comes to managing your finances, growth is good, especially when it is compound growth! For you that is based on how much you earn vs spend, and where you put the difference.
  • Thoroughness - we believe it is best to make decisions based on the whole picture. In the financial world it is common practice to gloss over inconvenient details like the total cost of a loan, or a fund's poor performance in past years. Our tools and commentary aim to point these things out.
  • Security - related to our ethics core value above, we believe in conducting financial life in such a way as to avoid identity theft and keep private information private.